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More Information on our RDG (Landlord)

Our Rent & Damage Guarantee provides landlords with peace of mind knowing that in the event of damage and/or default on rent payments, their investment properties will be covered for up to the agreed upon guarantee amount.

  • The tenant can check their BIC to see if they are pre-qualified for an RDG.
  • If eligible, the tenant and the landlord can decide on the RDG amount (this amount can range from $400-$20,000*).
  • The Tenant will pay 1.5-2.5% of total annual rental expenses yearly... The fee is renewed automatically every year until the tenant moves out of the rental property*.
  • The RDG covers missed rent payments & damage up to the RDG amount.
  • If a Landlord files a claim, the tenant is responsible for paying back Locnest the full claim amount.